A home is the single largest investment most of us will make in our lives. To buy home with confidence, choose a title insurance policy from our company in Twin Falls. It's the smart way to protect your property from legal and financial claims.

What is title insurance?

Title insurance policies from our company in Twin Falls are a great way to protect your largest investments for years to come. Title Fact provides buyers with the armor needed to defend themselves against defects in home titles such as liens, fraud, missing heirs, foreclosures, forgery, unpaid taxes and other forms of legal attacks.

There are two different types of title insurance: owner’s policy and lender’s policy. 

  • An owner’s policy protects your property rights for as long as you or your heirs own the home. 
  • A lender’s policy is usually required by the lender and protects only the lender’s financial interests. The buyer typically pays for this policy, but this varies depending on geography. We recommend you ask an ALTA member how it’s handled in your area.

Why do I need title insurance?

Purchasing home and mortgage title insurance in Twin Falls is a smart decision because it’s the best way to protect your property from future legal claims. You need title insurance for the same reasons that you need car and home insurance - simply put, it exists to protect your assets. Title insurance from our Twin Falls title policy company isn’t required but it is definitely recommended because although the chance of attack is relatively low - the risk is incredibly high having the potential to lose your home.

Buy your home in confidence

Your owner’s insurance policy lasts as long as you or your heirs own your property. Your life will change over time, but your peace of mind never will. The one-time payment for owner’s title insurance is low relative to the value of your home. The typical owner’s title insurance policy costs around 0.5% of the home’s purchase price giving you the ability to protect what’s yours.

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