Long-Term Escrow

TitleFact, Inc. provides a full-service long term escrow in Twin Falls for insurance of notes, deeds of trust, mortgages, private contracts, and any agreements between the parties that require holding documents and disbursing funds.

What is an escrow account? These accounts act as a neutral third party that ensures everything that is on the buyer’s contract is adhered to. They also guarantee the buyer’s hazard insurance and property taxes are paid on time. This arrangement is for the safekeeping of original documents and paid funds so they essentially act as a middleman between the buyer and seller. Funds in a long term or short term escrow account in Twin Falls are used to pay the annual property taxes and hazard insurance by the lender. 

Whether the term of your transaction is long term or short term you have the assurance that your documents are safe and funds are properly credited with Title Fact's Twin Falls escrow services.

Contact sjolley@titlefact.com for more information on long-term escrows.

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